Director of Youth Ministry and Missions

Laurel Heights United Methodist Church \

Job Description: Youth Ministry and Missions

 Job Title:                     Director of Youth Ministry and Missions

Reports To:                             Senior Pastor

Employee Category:   Regular/Full-time



The Youth Director is responsible for creation and implementation of programs for youth in our care including education, recreation and mission opportunities that will lead to their spiritual formation and integration into a faith community. As Missions Director, they will work with the Missions Committee to coordinate outreach opportunities for the congregation.



Meet the youth where they are

·                      Minister to all youth in the care of LHUMC

·                      Attend and support the youth in their community activities, schools and interests;

·                      Implement educational, missional and recreational-oriented fellowship opportunities

·                      Seek youth who are on the margins or beyond the circle of the youth group


Encourage youth in developing their relationship with God

·                      Lead and encourage youth participation and leadership in the congregation;

·                      Lead spiritual growth retreats

·                      Organize youth mission trips and missional programming activities

·                      Involve adult youth sponsors, mentors and tutors with mature understanding, practice, and expression of faith

·                      Participate in district and conference events



·                      Adhere to the child youth safety policies;

·                      Attend continuing education events specifically directed to youth ministries and missions;

·                      Communicate regularly with parents, youth and sponsors;

·                      Interpret youth activities and missional opportunities to the congregation

·                      Relate to Youth Council, Missions Committee, and Administrative Council

·                      Other duties as assigned.




·                      Lead the Missions Committee in developing a range of opportunities for congregational involvement in local, regional, and global missions

·                      Promote these opportunities with the congregation

·                      Recruit participants and leaders for missional work





Tasks to include but not limited to:

·         Be familiar with and follow child / youth safety policy as a minimum guide.

·         Plan and schedule youth meetings, special events and Bible Study

·         Organize transportation, drivers and sponsors as needed

·         Allocate and track funds for activities and ministries

·         Use flyers, church publications, social media to publicize activities

·         Schedule and facilitate regular meetings for Youth Council and Missions Committee

·         Lead Youth Council in strategizing for growth in youth programs

·         Secure adult youth sponsors

·         Schedule and plan annual events such as Senior Sunday and mission trips

·         Support conference youth events and camping

·         Attend staff meetings and Administrative Council meetings

·         Cultivate relationships with other UMC youth leaders

·         Participate in District Youth events or meetings

·         Attend at least one continuing education event each year in youth and in missions

·         Provide regular articles for “Messenger” related to youth ministry and missions

·         Maintain regular office hours



Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

·                      Bachelors degree

·                      Two years of prior experience in working with youth; experience in missional leadership

·                      Basic understanding of missional theology

·                      Ability to work in cross-cultural missional settings


Responsibility for monetary resources)

·                      Maintain budgets and documentation for reimbursements in areas of youth ministry and missions


Personal Ethic

·                      Maintain regular church attendance.

·                      Live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

·                      Be respectful toward others

·                      Be careful with office equipment, files, and work space.

·                      Seek to serve as a non-anxious role model


Team Approach

LHUMC subscribes to a team approach to ministry, encouraging the staff to systematically recruit, train, and delegate to lay leaders. Our goal is member involvement and leadership in all ministries of the congregation. Staff are responsible to provide the physical, educational, and spiritual resources needed for ministries to be undertaken faithfully.